triple h gay

TRIPLE H SAYS HE'S GAY ON LIVE TV! | Kayfabe Dub - YouTube


When she just nodded, he grinned and kissed her cheek before heading to get dressed.Carefully grabbing his bag, he hastily went into the bathroom and closed the door..She wasn't a terrible person, far from it really.Comments: 10 Kudos: 42 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 1253.Each pairing is available in the drop down if you want to skip to a particular one. Akatsuki yuki. He threw a silent prayer heavenward when he noticed Vickie still asleep.It was just the fact of seeing her and Eddie playing happy couple grated on his nerves.Some are just random that I wrote on the spur of the moment

Your Inbox. \n\t Top Stories FanSided 4 years WWE WrestleMania 32 Rumors: Shane McMahon vs Undertaker closing the show Bleacher Report 4 years NXT TakeOver Dallas: Live Results, Reaction and Analysis from Event FanSided 4 years Finn Balor talks Balor Club, NXT Takeover: Dallas FanSided 4 years NXT Takeover: Dallas live stream: Watch online Newsletter WWE news from FanSided Daily Your WWE.Daily Pitch a Story Legal Privacy Policy Terms of Use Cookie Policy Legal Disclaimer EU Data Subject Requests Consent Preferences Do Not Sell My Data Download our mobile apps Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices.More from WWE WWE NXT: Thatcher submits Ciampa in Fight Pit WWE Monday Night Raw results: Alexa Bliss defeats Asuka Here’s everything you need to know about the new WrestleMania schedule WWE SmackDown results: Kevin Owens replaces Adam Pearce WWE NXT results: First round of Dusty Rhodes Classic begins McMahon admits that she first thought Triple H may have been unavailable, because she thought that he and Shawn Michaels were a couple. Build your custom FanSided Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on WWE and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more.. Newt scamander x reader lemon. Every Day.We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like.McMahon participated in a live chat with The Mirror and answered fan questions about a number of topics including her unflattering first impression

triple h gay
Triple H

WWE News: Stephanie McMahon thought Triple H was gay

Triple H "half gay" Rock insult

”.And I actually did wonder if — I’m going to get so killed for this, maybe I won’t say it — I wondered if Triple H and Shawn didn’t have more than a friendship going on.Does this look like a man who might be gay?”..Anyway, as soon as I met the man I obviously fell in love with him and it was love at first sight.Rehabbing Together Should Have Giants Fans Worried. 3x15 The Big Bang Job. During the chat, a fan asked Stephanie McMahon for her honest first impression of Triple H, her now husband

triple h gay
Seth X Triple H

Stephanie McMahon admits she once thought Triple H was gay – BroBible


He never would've thought that they'd still be this entangled with each other all these years later.Not thinking about it, he went to roll them over.Tongues tangling together lazily, he hummed appreciatively when Shawn threw a leg over his..And promptly had the wind knocked out of him.They just wanted to be cute and adorable together. Pitch Black x Jack Frost Comics. Hunter's answering laugh was quickly swallowed by Shawn's kiss.Conceding the point with a brief head tilt, Shawn arched his back under the gentle touches

triple h gay
Stephanie McMahon Thought Triple H And Shawn

Triple H, Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler discuss the influence of Pat Patterson | WWE

Triple H, Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler discuss the influence of Pat Patterson

He's laying pliant below me, every inch the sexy boy his entrance theme declares him.His thrust back, couple with my name coming out in a choked moan, let me know I've hit his prostate.I mourn not having a headboard for a brief moment, but the occupant in the other room probably hates us enough as it is.He nuzzled at my chest lightly, reminding me even more of a giant cat.He begins to reach for me but instead of allowing it, I bring one of my hands up to trap his wrists.He'd been surprisingly dominant in his demands tonight and I'd let him without complaint. Vore swallowed whole. It's killing him a little to not touch me, I know it is.Tired of him being able to talk, my next thrust is harder, making him choke on a loud moan.He comes apart below me, back arching to a near impossible degree as his wrists strain against my grip.I was lucky I could remember my name, let alone whatever it was he was talking about.My arousal is definitely making it's return known, as Shawn's thigh slips between mine.He whines slightly at the loss and I silently echo the sentiment.Bracing myself on my knees, I grab his hands off my shoulders and move them to the head of the bed.He moans deep in this throat as he eyes me speculatively.Before too much longer, he's a writhing, whimpering mess.He doesn't even have the chance to mourn their loss as I push into him smoothly.I just look at him, all spread out before me, as I warm the lube slowly.Slowly, reluctantly, I pull myself from his body.He gives a breathless little moan as I uncap the lube and squeeze it onto my fingers..I slick myself with my free hand before pulling my fingers out.I watch the muscles in his arms tense as he restrains himself from grabbing me.Half formed pleas are falling from his lips but he's still being remarkably obedient about keeping his hands above his head. Fast and furious fanfiction brian military. He'd been riding me hard and I'd been so determined to make him come first that I'd exploited his major weakness.His climax triggers mine, my thrusts stuttering and finally stopping, buried deep inside him.I run my hands down his sides, watching his muscles tense and relax beneath his skin.He wants to touch me so bad, I can tell by the way he shoves his arms down against the pillow.Running on a combination of adrenaline from our respective matches and lust, we'd somehow managed to go three times that night.He's such a tactile person, always touching me or one of the other kliq members in ways that can't always be dismissed as just friendly.I smirk in triumph as I scissor my fingers, occasionally brushing over him again and again.

triple h gay
Triple h is gay — Steemit

Randy Orton Hits On Triple H

It's gonna kill me not to touch him and he knows it.The smell of sex and sweat hangs heavy in the air and I wonder briefly if his idea is for us to go for round three.He lets my wrists go as he leans down, kissing me roughly.I was right, he's still slick with a mixture of lube and come.Straddling my waist, he grabs my wrists and pins me to the bed.Moving my hand back up, I bypass his cock altogether and instead find the entrance to his body. Outlander Series. His hips buck again, but I'm not through torturing him yet..With no warning, he shoves me to my back, whining as my fingers leave him abruptly.I groan as he takes me inside with no resistance.I thrust my hips up a little, and he gasps as the head of my cock brushed against him.His delighted moan makes me shiver and my own cock throb.He lifts up again and as he comes back down, I thrust my hips up to meet him.A low whine answers me as I move my hand lower.I still don't know why I'm writing wrestling slash of all things.We're both quiet for a minute, getting our breathing under control.He's laying on his stomach, all long tan limbs and zero shame about his nudity.His hips tilt up in blantant invitation and I almost give in.He's gonna be uncomfortable enough as it is.Triple H POV.Probably the rabbit hole known as the WWE Network lol.He knows what he's doing, the little shit, judging by the light in his eyes as his fingers trail over his abdomen lightly.He can't take much more, this being round three, so I decide to take pity on him. Fanfiction yuri lemon. Cheesy as it sounds, it's like coming home when I'm inside him.Prolonging our mutual satisfaction, I gently push two fingers inside.He's got to be still slick and relaxed from our earlier escapades, but we have a long drive tomorrow.He freezes for one perfect moment, mouth open in a silent scream as he comes over his fingers and my stomach.If anything, he looks ridiculously pleased with himself as his hand slowly moves to his inner thigh.Shawn stretches languidly and I feel my mouth go dry as he turns back over.One hand reaches back for me as he straightens up and lowers himself into my erection.I'm sure whoever is in the room next to us hates us right now but I can't bring myself to care.This may end up with a sequel, not sure yet.His pupils are wide with arousal, the blue almost swallowed by black.His breath hisses as he finds one of the bruises I'd sucked into the tender skin there.His eyes glitter at me defiantly, almost daring me to break his no touch rule.He'd never let me live it down and is shameless enough to tell the rest of the kliq.

triple h gay

They moved clunkily at first, but Shawn hadn’t messed up.So, I decided to do something about it.He glanced up at Hunter, the moonlight striking his eyes in a way that made them glow ever so slightly.It was clear the younger man has driven here plenty of times in the past.Hunter couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, drawing a defensive “Hey!” from the struggling blond. “Alright. Gou x seijuro. “But I’m more than willing to learn.”. “You like the view, don’t you.But all Shawn did was hold tightly to him, staring him in the face. “Oh, how rude! ” Shawn draws out the last word, putting on a posh accent.You really didn’t,” Shawn drifts off, and Hunter picks up right where he ended.” Hunter glanced over at Shawn and smiled warmly.The music from inside the car spilled out, filling the air with soft piano. “Have you ever danced with somebody, Shawn. “Yeah?” Hunter answered him with equal softness.Who do you think I am, you?” Shawn reached up and twirled the black ribbon in Hunter’s hair around his finger.He’s too sweet.He finally opened the door and looked over at Shawn, who had been staring the entire time.When he moved left, Shawn’s foot followed.Everything seemed so soft and delicate; in his heart, perhaps, he feared his loudness would shatter everything.Hunter’s face turned red almost immediately.I made this as cheesy as I possibly could without bailing out. Aikawa dorohedoro. The car tumbled a bit, as Hunter began to drive over some grass.Shawn stared for a few moments longer, before realizing he’s been caught. “Not everybody had to take a damned ballroom dancing class in prep school, Hunt.

triple h gay

He couldn’t wait to get to the locker room and take a long, hot shower.Shawn's family will not be mentioned here, so it is up to you whether or not they exist in this.Hunter was certain Vince got under his skin at least once, yet his friend was hesitant to speak poorly of the boss.Hunter was oblivious to Shawn’s distress, stroking the hardening cock and letting out a satisfied hum once his fingers became coated with precum.It wouldn’t have been the first time the boss pulled him in for a quick talk that turned into something else.It was thick and heavy, making him sweat underneath especially after the way he was dancing around the ring mocking Shane’s entrance. Reader sex. This wasn’t the first time Hunter brought up his attitude towards Vince and it probably wouldn't be the last. “. “I’ll just tell him he needs to go to church to loosen up some more,” he added sarcastically, referring to the time where he invited Vince to accompany him to his church down in Texas and the boss threw such a fit that he nearly had to go to the emergency room with the rising blood pressure.Not that it mattered anymore, having been eight long years ago and they had a second chance now.If they weren’t cramped in the small room, which was quickly making him claustrophobic, where they were flushed against each other, he probably would have collapsed.This wasn’t Vince looking down at him with the same old contemptuous sneer and telling him what a sorry fuck he was for not doing enough.It would be over quicker and the sooner he can get out of this room and forget it happened, the better.

triple h gay

”.”.The remnants of their dinner lay on the table behind them and it was quiet, peaceful, save for the Texan bugs still buzzing away in the background.He knows it too, he yelled back at me but he didn't say I was wrong.It's my own fault that I'm in this situation, this is not on you.There was a first floor, but the majority of the house was on the ground floor, reaching through to a large kitchen which opened out onto a sprawling backyard. Opm ao3. He sat and stared blankly at the television, where the adverts had started after the show. “Did you get home okay?”.Shawn's fingers dug into his shoulder and Hunter unconsciously leant in, moving in closer to him.Shawn shot him a quizzical look but Hunter waved him away. “Is that okay?”.Got a few good slaps in,” Shawn said, and Hunter could hear him moving around in the background.The silence stretched until Shawn nodded.He felt a sudden stab of guilt that he'd let Shawn down, that his designated driver wouldn't be there for him any more.Shawn dropped his bags as he reached Hunter and Hunter stepped into the waiting hug.And having to say goodbye to Shawn, when there was something there, something that was just starting, where it could really lead somewhere.I don't think Ted or Eric will be very sympathetic to my cause.There was the sound of a beer bottle being placed down on a table.Shawn's plane landed on time and Shawn was walking through from Arrivals soon after, one bag over his shoulder and another rolling along behind him.Hunter thought the moment would be lost forever, that sanity would return and Shawn would back off, but Shawn caught his eye, smiling at him softly in a way that Hunter had only imagined in his dreams before.

triple h gay

triple h gay

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